How It Works?

MyNotes4U is a powerful, easy to use tool. It's made up of a collection of personal comments, pictures and videos capturing a lifetime of your adventures, thoughts, achievements, celebrations and more! MyNotes4U will preserve your fondest memories, funniest stories, personal testimonies, and favorite moments with family and friends. It gets even better, MyNotes4U will preserve your memories for future generations to discover.



Your subscription ensures your information is only shared with the family and friends you choose. Your information is not sold and securely hosted in the Cloud.

Invite Friends & Family

Once a member, you can easily invite family & friends to also become members. As members you can share your memories with one another.

Add a Memory to an Album

Select an Album; My Album, My Family Album or My Friends Album, and simply begin adding your stories, pictures, & more. You can also create your own private groups or become a part of our MyNotes4U community groups.

Share with other Members

Share your Albums with family & friends or view any Album that has been shared with you.

Why Choose Us?

We're not just another social media community.

MyNotes4U was created to foster closer relationships with family and friends by capturing and sharing meaningful moments. These moments can then be preserved and passed on to future generations. Imagine your great great-grandchildren knowing the real you from your heart and life experences. Not just from your DNA.

Secure Location

We follow the highest web hosting standards and certification guidelines supported by trusted technology. Keeping our member’s information secure is our #1 priority.

Secure Access

Every member has their own secure user ID and password. Only you can invite family and friends to join your Albums.

Secure Information

We promise NOT to sell your personal and private information or bother you with pesky popup advertisements. We are supported by member subscriptions.

Preserved Over Time

Your memories will be preserved long after you are gone. Family and friends will be able to search and discover the legacy you left behind.


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Frequently Asked Question

Yes and all your information added from this site will also be available using the APP. So don't wait, start capturing your memories today.

There are many different subscriptions to choose from. The cost will change depending on the type of subscription you need. Refer to the Try It Out section.

You can invite family and friends at the time you sign up for your free trial. Or, you can invite them at anytime using the Members page.

Capture your memories one moment at a time!

Simply sign up for the subscription that best fits your needs and receive the first 30 days free. If you are not completely satisfied, simply cancel your subscription at anytime.